2 thoughts on “Filfla Island-Malta-Great White Sharks Breeding”

  1. Michael Hall - Reply

    My uncle was Jack Smedley who was killed tragically by a great white shark off St Thomas’s Bay in 1956.
    I was 16 at the time of the event and spoke to my Aunt Pad about that fact when she was allowed to cut her contract short re her teaching on the island. I went for a drive with her in Nottingham where they had lived previously.
    The thought of Jack being killed by a shark was reprehensible so I wrote to Mr Fergusson a shark lover and the then chairman of the World Shark Federation. I told him that Jack Smedley a mathmatician was worth far more than all the sharks put together that ever existed and I hoped that the Maltese Navy shot straight when they had a great white in their sights.
    My pal and I had a week diving near Valletta and I was offered to meet with Tony Grech’s son who was known to our bus conductor. I declined the offer but now regret not taking up the offer.
    My hate for sharks still exists and is undaunted to this day. I lived with my Aunt , Pad and Jack Smedley for 18 months in Accrington in 1950. Jack was the nicest chap anyone could meet, hence his popularity with the Navel Students he taught. They made a plaque which was put on show in memory of him and my Auntie showed me a photo of it. I’ll always remember him and the tragedy that should never have happened.
    We did not enjoy our diving in Malta and spent half the time looking over each others shoulders for what might swim up on us.
    I fully realise that Jack’s death was rare but I would bet my life that the authorities did not broadcast that Malta is a breeding area for Mediterranean Great White’s? Bad for tourism business? You Betya.

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