Private Tours

Visiting Malta as a couple or with family?

Private Tours

We have been organising tours in Malta for many years and from this experience we’ve learnt what the discerning traveler is looking for to experience the culture and its many facets from the point of view of the local people.   For this very reason, we offer seven specialised private tours (six half days in Malta and 1 full day in Gozo) which reveal the true and unique Malta and Gozo in intimate small groups of 1-8 persons.  The seven tours are:

  • Three Cities and Knights Tour
  • Valletta through the Ages
  • Mdina and the Maltese Nibbles Tour
  • Malta’s Hidden Coastal Walk Experience
  • Rabat and the Iconic Stone Experience
  • Ghar Lapsi and the Maltese Cats Experience
  • Hidden Charms of Gozo Tour

These private tours are targeted at those travellers who wish to get off the beaten track and see the islands from a deeper, more cultural aspect- to understand Malta by looking at it through local eyes and to understand what forms the basis of modern Maltese lives through examining its history.

No matter how much time you spend in Malta there are so many intriguing delights to discover.  It is a marvel that such a small country can be so filled with hidden fascination and intricacies.   Whether you’re on your first visit to Malta and want to discover the islands from a more personal and local point of view, or you’ve spent a great deal of time on the islands, but want to delve deeper, a private tour with an experienced  guide is just the thing to expose these wonders to you.   Since you’ll be in a small group you will escape the bustle and time consumption of a large tour group and have an informative and stress-free tour experience with a knowledgeable local guide who has a passion for all things Maltese.

If none of these six tours are want from your stay in Malta, you can contact us and we will be delighted to tailor make a tour to meet your groups exact expectations.  We are happy to help you to find the perfect combination of factors which will make your trip to Malta memorable.  The tour will be tailor made according to the interests and wishes of your group, whether it be Maltese gastronomy, architecture, feasts, archaeology, specific historical interest or anything else that may allure you to Malta