Valletta Ghost Tour

Explore Valletta by Night

Where we'll go

  • Ghost tour around the city of Valletta
  • Free time in Valletta

Price Includes

  • Professional tour guide
  • Return transport by coach


Valletta Ghost Tour.

Do you get a thrill when you hear truly chilling ghost stories? If so, have we got the tour for you.

Malta’s capital city, Valletta has a long, turbulent and sometimes sordid history and therefore it was bound to conjure up some restless spirits along the way. In this tour, you will be guided through Valletta’s rich history, but from a completely different angle. The knowledgeable guide will reveal the everyday stories and frightening incidents that sparked ghost stories and have made it into local folk history. You will hear stories about the infamous old red-light district in Valletta, Fort St Elmo (which took the brunt of The Great Siege), the Manoel Theatre (the third oldest theatre in Europe still in operation) and many more. The History of Valletta city will be laid out so that you will gain a deeper understanding of this most profound of cities.

If you’re looking for things to do in Valletta, this is one will certainly give you some stories to tell your friends.

Valletta Ghost Tour - Guided Tours in Malta

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