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Malta: Faith through the Ages II

Malta Faith through the Ages II Malta Faith through the Ages II. Following Part I of Malta’s journey of faith which saw this convivial and courageous people

Malta’s Weather

Malta: Weather

Malta is blessed with a beautifully temperate climate with very mild winters and warm to hot summers. Winter in Malta often like summers in northern European countries.

Mellieha Bay Sandy Beach

Malta: Industries

Malta: Industries Malta is an enigma in many ways, from its empire resisting past to its long economic stability. What makes this miniature island nation tick is

Valletta Capital City Malta

Malta: Faith through the Ages I

Malta’s long and turbulent history and geographically strategic position has exposed its people to varied belief systems over the millennia from prehistoric fertility cults to the monotheistic

Peter’s Pool Rocky Beach

Malta: All About Water

Malta’s very life, history, and culture are born around water. From its history formed by it’s strategic importance to the naval powers of Europe and the Middle

Three cities

Malta: A Tale of Two Sieges

Almost four centuries apart but with much in common, the two events which perhaps most impacted Maltese history were two sieges waged upon the Island of Malta

Mdina – Malta’s ‘Silent City’

Malta: North of the Island

The northern part of Malta features some of the most rural areas and open countryside around the villages of Mellieha and Mgarr. However, the adjacent St. Paul’s