Famous Movies Filmed in Malta

Malta Movies Tour

Where we'll go

  • Grand Harbour, Valletta - mystic entry scene for The Count of Monte Cristo
  • View Fort Ricasoli from across the harbour - Valletta film site for movies like Gladiator, Troy & others
  • Valletta Bastions – Zombies from World War Z were the first enemies in history to climb the walls and enter the city
  • Mandragg Zone - Valletta site for the concluding scene of Midnight Express
  • Council Garden, Vittoriosa - site for the scene when Maximus nearly got away & witnessed the hanging of his trusted friend
  • Waterfront, Vittoriosa - the harbour area was used in various scenes from The Count of Monte Cristo

Price Includes

  • Professional tour guide
  • Visits to various filming sites
  • Footage from different movies filmed in Malta
  • Return transport by coach


Famous Movies Filmed in Malta. Malta is a movie maker’s dream and that’s why you will see ‘filmed in Malta’ in the end credits of many a blockbuster. Major motion pictures such as Gladiator, Troy, The Count of Monte Cristo, World War Z and Midnight Express were made in Malta.

Why is Malta so sought after by movie makers? It’s the fantastically clear light, the perfect weather, and most importantly, the ready-made historical sets. Vittoriosa easily doubles for 18th century Marseilles, Golden Bay for the beaches of Troy, and the Three Cities for Ancient Rome. Malta’s historic and geographic wealth make it a giant movie set.

The Gladiator Malta location is centred around Vittoriosa and the Three Cities and Troy Malta has it’s set at Fort Ricasoli on the south coast, while Zombies in World War Z were the first enemy ever to cross Valletta’s bastion walls. There are so many other wonderful locations it’s simply impossible to mention them all here or to for you to see everything in one tour, but we will show you the very best there is.

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Malta Movies Filmed Tour - Valletta Tour Malta

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