Secrets of Malta Tour

Malta's Secret Places

Where we'll go

  • Natural Pool, Ghar Lapsi
  • Maqluba sinkhole, Qrendi
  • Xaqqa Natural Valley, Siggiewi

Price Includes

  • Professional English Tour Guide
  • Private transport with pick-up & drop-off


Discover amazing places, hidden to the crowds. Immerse yourself in the serene nature of Malta and explore the secret places that few people know about!

It’s surprising but true, there are stunningly beautiful places in Malta that are so remote that few people,  even the Maltese themselves, know of them. There are isolated, unspoilt stretches of land which are discovered and explored only by the most intrepid of visitors. While this is a shame on one hand, it has allowed for the sites to remain spectacular in their virgin form allowing those few who venture to see them to gain a greater reward.

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Xaqqa Natural Valley - Malta Boat Trips

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Sunday 16th August

09:00-13:00 · €22.00 per person

Sunday 30th August

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Sunday 13th September

09:00-13:00 · €22.00 per person

Sunday 27th September

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