Valletta – Malta’s Capital City

Valletta - Malta's Capital City (without transport)

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There is no capital in the world like Valletta and nowhere that has more to offer a visitor in such a small space.  Described by British Prime minister Disraeli as “a city of palaces built by gentlemen for gentlemen,” and remarked that “Valletta equals in its noble architecture, if it does not excel, any capital in Europe”. We want to show you this most fascinating of cities. Valletta is a truly fortified city, once the bulwark of Europe with the most impressive bastions to be found anywhere in the world.

Malta’s capital city teems with shoppers, strollers and business activity during the day, making it alive and exciting, but as the late afternoon arrives the city slows to a saunter and takes on more of the noble charm it is famous for. Valletta abounds in architectural gems from churches to palaces and fountains. Every corner will volunteer a new visual delight. There is a myriad of styles of balconies from different centuries, votive statues and niches everywhere. Many narrow descending streets hide quaint little shops, craft businesses, cafés and eateries, some of which have been there for generations.

The city itself is built on the steep slopes and summits of Mount Sciberras (which was in fact a hill) and has now been totally covered by the city. On both sides of Valletta there are deep harbours which provide stunning vistas from many vantage points around the city.

There are so many things to do in Valletta that a single visit will not be enough but we will give you the best there is to offer and then give you some time you soak in the city and enkindle in you the certain desire to return.

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