Types of Activities: Standard Excursion


Paradise Bay Sandy Beach

The warm, waters of Paradise Bay are ideal for swimming and all types of water sports. There is truly something for everyone at this beach – from

Siggiewi Tour

Secrets of Malta Tour

Discover amazing places, hidden to the crowds. Immerse yourself in the serene nature of Malta and explore the secret places that few people know about! It’s surprising

Golden bay

Top Beaches in Malta

Paradise Bay Paradise Bay is situated in the far  North of Malta. It is one of the best beaches to visit as from the top of the

Golden bay

Island of Malta

Island of Malta Tour. There are so many things to do in Malta it’s a great idea to taste some of it’s best offerings by taking a


Off The Beaten Track

Off The Beaten Track. It’s surprising but true, there are stunningly beautiful places in Malta that are so remote that few people, even amongst the Maltese, know

truLY Malta

Truly Malta Tour

truLY Malta. If you consider yourself more a traveller, rather than just a tourist, tyou probably would like to discover more than just the attractions which every

uniqueLY Malta


With only the population of a medium sized British city, Malta possesses an abundance of unique sights and experiences that is startling. This little nation has its


North of Malta

Malta’s north is made up of steep rugged hills and ridges of granite and limestone towering over cultivated valleys and everywhere glimpses of the stunning Mediterranean. This